Ecuador Adventure Tours 2018

Ecuador is the smallest country in the rough Andean highlands, but should not be misjudged by its size because the country embodies an array of vibrant native cultures, volcanic landscapes, well-preserved colonial architecture and dense rainforest. Ecuador’s remarkable collection of landscapes, plants, animals, and people makes it an interesting place for travel and adventure.
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Ecuador is the perfect place for the adventurous and wildlife lovers. Ecuador adventure tours to the Galapagos Islands will let you experience its unique and fearless wildlife. You can enjoy swimming with sea lions, stand beside a blue-footed booby as it feeds its young, and float eye-to-eye with penguins. The most amazing species of birds and animals are also found in these islands. This archipelago extends out to over fifty thousand square kilometers of the Pacific Ocean, about one thousand kilometers west of Ecuador, and includes thirteen main islands and six smaller ones. Volcan Wolf on Isla Isabela is the highest point in the series of islands.


Ecuador adventure tours to Quito will allow you to be in one of the most beautiful city in South America. This capital city of Ecuador boasts of wonderful spring-like climate with spectacular setting. Panoramas in Quito are ruled by mountains and several snowcapped volcanoes. You can tour around great museums and churches in this stunning place, as well as visit El Panecillo which is a hill with magnificent views of the old town and a huge statue of the Virgin of Quito. If you just want to relax and get a feel of the city, Avenida Amazonas is the right place to be as it is Quito’s busy modern centerpiece street where you’ll find good café’s.

You can also add to your Ecuador adventure tours a remote archipelago that can provide a great wildlife experience, Isla Bartolome. This island is a part of the Galapagos Islands that has a volcanic cone that’s easy to climb where you can find great views to other islands. You can enjoy snorkeling and be with the residents of wildlife like penguins, red Sally Lightfoot, sea lions, crabs, pelicans, mocking birds, and a lot more of astonishing species.

Ecuador adventure tours to one of the mainland of Ecuador’s most often visited national park, Cotopaxi, offers exceptional mountaineering and hiking to its pride and joy, the active Volcan Cotopaxi which is the country’s second highest peak. Or quest through a unique reserve which has one of the last stands of undisturbed humid Andean forest left in central Ecuador, the Refugio De Vida Silvestre. It’s best to get day trips from Quito as many rare plants and more than one hundred bird species can be found here. Tracks can be from easy to strenuous, and camping overnight is also allowed.

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