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Top Ten Reasons to Visit Bulgaria

1. Value For Money

Bulgaria often tops the charts when it comes to value for money and your holiday spending money lasting longer. With a nice meal and bottle of wine often up to 50% cheaper than Spain there is no surprise Bulgaria is no longer a hidden gem.

2. New Food dishes

Experience new dishes.

Bulgarian meatballs or enjoy a variety of fish dishes from the black sea.

3. Stunning beaches

Beach Lovers will enjoy the golden sands along the black sea coast.

4. Winter Ski Resorts

Sun worshippers will enjoy the hot summers but did you know Bulgaria has  thriving winter ski resorts ?

5. Mountain and Hiking

Bulgaria has some stunning mountain ranges and protected national parks so if you love the great outdoors you will be spoilt for choice.

6. Culture

Visit over 120 Monasteries and enjoy some of the stunning masterpieces unique to Bulgaria. Enjoy charming towns and cathedrals also.

7. Raika

Enjoy the national drink Raikia, a delicious fruit brandy.

8. Excellent Wi Fi

For all families having good internet on holiday can help you plan activities and even keep the kids occupied while you relax ! Fortunately Bulgaria has good coverage.

9. Package Holiday Savings

Companies such as Balkan Holidays offer fantastic package deals where you can enjoy all inclusive hotels or simply self catering, all offering great vale for money compared to other destinations.

10.  The Locals love Tourists !

Bulgaria embraces Tourists and you can be sure of a warm welcome !

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